"Before i say anything, i want to say that im a newbie to tube amps. i never had one, always used solid state.."

I just bought one of these bad boy's, and i have read numerous time that without the volume knob , your missing out on all kinds of s*&T. i would expect there to be a volume knob, so idk what they're talking about?

the amp is used so it probally needs new tubes, so which do u recommend. we need the best of the best.

i also need a footswitch later on.

also do different tubes make different tones?
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idk what you mean "without the volume knob," I'm pretty sure there is a volume knob on the classic 30. In fact, I KNOW that there is a volume knob on the classic 30...
yeah im clueless too as to what the hell youre talking about with a volume knob?

use the search bar for tubes, there are SO many threads for this ****e...
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^for example the HUGE sticky at the top of every page in this gear forum.


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maybe you mean, ahhhhhh.

yeah i dont know.

amps come with a volume knob. even tube amps.

some have a master volume and a volume. and you can crank the volume lower the master and od the amp at lower volumes.


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If you mean the knob is missing, then you can get replacement knobs, check at music stores and onlin....like here:

If that's not what you mean, then I'm clueless to what you're referring to.

edit: you do know that the "Normal" and "Post" knobs are the volume knobs for your two channels....maybe that's where you're confused.

for tubes, check out eurotubes.com. they have good replacement kits for the classic 30.
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You have three knobs on the Classic 30 labelled "Normal", "Pre" and "Post".

If you're on the clean channel, you can use the "Normal" knob as a volume knob.

If you're on the distortion channel, you can use the "Pre" knob as amount of gain, and the "Post" knob as a volume.

They just say "normal" and "post" instead of "Clean volume" and "Distortion volume", maybe that's where to confusion is coming from, but they do the same thing as a volume knob.

Read the sticky at the top about tubes/tube amp, maybe that will clear up some questions to you. Remember that you need to let the tubes warm up for a minute or two before playing.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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for tubes, check out eurotubes.com. they have good replacement kits for the classic 30.

I'd avoid Eurotubes, they only sell JJs, making that site pretty much worthless.
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