Hey guys. I have an old ****ty strat copy I wanna stick some stickers onto. I found this 'store' on ebay that sell stickers that go on pick guards, fret markers and what not. Anyone here uses this stuff? And are these 'guitar stickers' really goo-free when they're taken off?

And I know it's kinda stupid, but it's an old useless guitar.
The Taj Mahal is old....... I want to put stickers on it.
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Its lame.
You could just print off pictures from the internet and glue them to the guitar.
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nothing wrong with stickers, but it kinda has more personal meaning if you hand pick the stickers.
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The Taj Mahal is old....... I want to put stickers on it.

i agree witht his guy.
if you want to amke it look cool, repaint it...
that way itdoesnt look like sh*t and its relatively fun too.

and if it sounds ****, just drop some new pups in it.
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Don't put stickers on! They're gay! Bad memories! Theres this messed up fat british kid at my school and he put the gayest stickers on like KD and smiley faces. Don't do it! it doesn't look good!
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Don't do it, you'll look like a tool.

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i just draw some **** by myself scan it print it on a sticker and stick it to the guitar... it can be seen here.
used to look badass but i brushed it down now and i'm going to stick the same thing once again to it,
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