I have a Fender FM 212R that I barely use because I don't like the sound (it was my first amp ). Could I connect my Fender Champion 600 to it and use the 212R as a cab?

A friend of mine said that it was possible through the "pre out" jack, but I didn't want to take any chances.

(I don't know if this is the right forum, but I'll give it a try )
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Sure, just make sure they both have the same Ohms.
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You can use the combo as a cab but it might need a little bit of fiddling around. Without exact details of both Fenders I can't give exact details but what you are trying to do is separate the speakers from the combo's built in amp I think. Some combos have a socket to do this but if not they are fairly easy to wire if you can solder.

You'll need to check the ohms of the speakers and their power handling to be certain that neither amp or speaker are damaged.

The pre out won't drive the speakers directly though you could try 'slaving' the combo with this.

If no-one else solves your problem and you want to do this yourself (your repair shop could do this for you ) then pm me.
Sorry should have said to check my article in gear maintenance to see if the speakers and amps match
Your little champ has a 4 ohm speaker and most likely the FM has a 4 ohm. Im gonna imagine neither has a removable jack for the speaker. So you would need to make a speaker cable to go from the champ to the FMs speaker.