how is there not yet a thread to praise the wonderfulness of the most amazing band to ever walk the planet!?
that's overdoing it. "set yourself on fire" was a pretty sweet indie pop record. i gave it to my 10-year old sister, she really likes it.
blech that's my least favourite. although "your ex-lover is dead" is an amazing song. have you heart nightsongs?! heart?!
Who? If they're so great then who are they?
- B.C. Rich Warbeast Bloodbound
- B.C. Rich NT Zombie 5-String Bass
- BOSS GT-10 Multi Effects TANK!
...In other words, I'm taking a giant dump on fender owners who use pods.
syof was a nice little record, the singles were worth the listen every time, but even on that record the band got a little too wrapped up in itself, and the lyrics aren't strong enough to be so serious. the new record's barely listenable. still, nice little band.