... and in with the Boogie!

After almost a year with my Orange Thunderverb 50 I decided that I needed a high gain amp for the kind of music I play.

If anyone's interested here's the TV, $800 with 2 days left ...

Oops I guess I can't post my ebay auction here. PM me if you want the link

I'm getting a used 3 channel Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. Woot woot. I looked at Peavey 6505+ and XXX and Randall T2 V2, but the boogie has better cleans on top of having all kinds of gain.

It's coming in from a Canadian Ebayer so there will be no taxes. $1500US shipped was a little high but not too bad.

I've also ordered a Mesa Boogie 2x12 VERTICAL cab from my local shop. Doesn't it look cool ...

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HNAD, I've always wanted a Mesa for higher gain things...

(I don't think you're allowed to post your own eBay links though...)
Aren't theses amps $1999 new? I would have bought a new one with a full warranty. Just my opinion.
Also, I think the amp head is going to hang off both sides of that vertical cab because it's wider. It will kind of look weird. Again, just my opinion.
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I've tried a Dual Rectifier, not the one I'm getting.

$1500 is $1830 canadian. A new one is $2350 canadian + 15% tax = $2,703. The difference I saved pays for the cab. Of course, if I got scammed, then shame on me

I realize the head a is a little wider than the cab (2 inches) but I really wanted it 1/2 stack level for tweaking but didn't want the weight of a 4x12.

I'll post some pics of the set up.

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I think you paid way too much for the Recto, but if you like it, more power to ya

Pics when it comes!
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i sent you a pm...
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EEEK. Sorry about that. Anyone interested can PM me for a link. It's up to $1150.


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BTW, you need to take your eBay link down. That's against the rules. Don't be surprised if you get a warning/ban from it.
He means that the 3 channel version is alot buzzier/harsher than the 2 channel.
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grrr....I wouldn't mind having a TV50 but I have like no money for an amp (all invested in a new guitar) . Good luck with the Mesa, hope it's what you're looking for.