I am thinking about buying one within the next two months but I have some questions. Since no store around me carries Epiphone I would like to know about the Weight, Neck Thickness, Playability, Features, and Sound. I play alot of Classic rock and Metal. If you do not feel this guitar will be a good choice please state what you think would be a good choice below. My budget is $350usd and I'm running through a Orange Crush 30r Soon to be a BlackHeart Handsome Devil 15w Halfstack or someother kind of Tube amp.
its a great guitar, it going to be my next guitar after i get the peavey valve king 212. i play it every time i get in the store.
I personally think the G-400 is a solid guitar. Very light. I have heard people call SGs in general neck heavy, but I really have no problems or issues with the SG neck at all, I actually really like them. My friend loves his G-400, he passed up getting a Gibson Les Paul Studio and stuck with his G-400. He plays it through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and it sound amazing. I don't think you will be disappointed with a G-400. I will also add they are a very versatile guitar, they work for a wide range of genres.
I have a G-400 custom and its great.

With a pick-up change, it can rival more expensive guitars for half the price.
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I have it and I like it very much. It's very light weight compared to a les paul, and its playability is the best of any guitar I've played. It does is a bit neck heavy but with a good leather strap or a new strap button that's easy to fix. I like the pups too, although I find them to be a bit to dull(especially the neck pup)
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It's not neck heavy in the sense that it has a huge chunky neck, its just really F'in light in the body. It takes some getting used to when playing while standing but overall its a great guitar with easy fret access. They come with high action out of the factory though and very often will buzz if you lower it, so Id advise purchasing this one through a store where you can play it ahead of time unless you don't mind returning or having a fret job done when you get it.
Well I am thinking the same thing. I was wondering if the Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 g-400 is better than just the g-400. I play Ac/Dc
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Well I am thinking the same thing. I was wondering if the Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 g-400 is better than just the g-400. I play Ac/Dc
They're the same guitar, just one has moutning rings and the small pickguard, one has a full pickguard with the pickups mounted into it. Spec, sound and quality wise they're the same guitar.

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Weight, Neck Thickness, Playability, Features, and Sound.

Weight: the one I had was around 6lbs. Of course weight varies a lot so there's no real way to tell how much one will weigh until you're holding it in your hands. Most of the weight was in the neck.

Neck thickness: medium, the standard Epiphone neck. Thicker than the 60's necks Gibson SGs have, thicker than most modern Fender necks, slimmer than the Gibson 50's necks though and the older Fender necks. Basically right in the middle.

Playability: very good except the awful body/neck weight difference. Of course all SGs suffer from this but at least Gibson SGs have that slightly slimmer neck so it's not quite so bad; on the G-400 I had though it was really such a huge problem I couldn't play it. Everything else was fine, it's just even with a thick leather strap and repositioning the front straplock, the neck still dived far too much to play standing up. In the end I sold the guitar purely because of that one problem.

Features: it's a SG, what the hell are you expecting?

Sound: bridge pickup was pretty good stock. Neck tone was bad, though of course this is mostly because the neck pickup always has to be placed further back on an SG as if it had 24 frets so the neck tone is never good on these. Sustain was poor, but again, it's an SG. Good tone for a rock rhythm guitar but I wouldn't really advise it for much else.
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