i was just wondering
You know how in slipknot, seven has SEVEN on his frets?
How do you do that?
my friends told me they were made in the frets.
Could you use stickers instead?
stickers could be a temporary solution.... but as said, they'll wear off over time!

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They do make stickers that you can use, I forget what they're called though...

But obviously, getting some Dora the Explorer stickers out of a cereal box and putting them on your frets def. wont work. You'll have to find something specially made. And i'd imagine that they'd still wear off over time...
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You can use car stickers to mimic them. They shouldn't rip off
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Michael's doesn't make guitar gear. Search for guitar fretboard stickers online.
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

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I think everyone but Shinozoku has the concept of frets vs. fretboard confused. The Stickers will go onto the fretBOARD, not on the actual frets. Someone on here had a thread about it not too long ago, the Searchbar'll yield some results for that.

Some places will do cutom vinyl decals as well, that may be an option for you.

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