ive been playing guitar for a while now, but have recently gone back to basics because i nether really used double picking. i jus started getting lessons and my teacher advised i held the pick as normal (thumb and index finger) but with the pick on its side so the long end points towards your hand and you play with the blunter end. he said this helps because many people find that the normal way gets stuck in strings sumtimes.........i can use both but i want to find out before i get far into my lessons which really in your opinions is the best way. i havent found somone who uses my teachers way yet so it would be good to have your input. thanks!
Just use it how ever it feel comfortable/right to you, I guess. But I'd say just the 'normal' way is best to do.
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If your pick gets caught in the strings, you're strumming too hard. PLus, its more likely that the blunt end wil get caught. more surface area = more resistance = more likely your pick will get caught or slowed down.

I just file mine down to a fairly thin point and then go with it.
honestly it doesn't matter. i hold mine kinda at a tilt just because i felt like it gave me a better grip when i first started playing and wailing on the guitar strings. i kept that grip as i became better just because it felt ok. once u get a good handle on picking, u could literally play with a quarter or something the size of a dorito and use various grips on the pick, so don't worry bout it.
ok thanks for the help. just wanted to ask before i got too used to either. think il jus stick to the way i used to use (normal) thanks
Hold it the normal way with the pointy part of the pick pointing towards the guitar/pickups.

Also it's called alternate picking, not double picking.
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I did that for my first three years of playing. Felt comfortable, but I recently went to the "standard" way with the point hitting the strings. I did this because it feels better when I sweep. Idk. It's all personal preferance.
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