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why ,wont it make it sound tighter for guitar??? becuase thats what i want.
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Ive used both and I think for my particular styles the maximizer is fine. The BBE to me just kind of brings out a more midrangey tone. I dont like the effect it has on my heavy distortion sounds. But then again its my ears Im hearing with and not yours or joe blows. I agree with doomaker: try one before you buy. Any real music store will let you check them out.

As far as recording anything at all, a compressor is most important I think.
as far as tightness, I have been of the thought that the cleaner you play the tighter your music will sound anyway. Of course a compressor helps. And a noise gate.

By cleaner I dont mean playing with a clean tone. Ever tried to play Master of Puppets on the clean channel? Dont. Clean picking. Clean palm muting.