Look into some Stone Sour stuff, its a side project of Corey and and Jim (vocals and guitar) in Slipknot. Listen to Bother and Through Glass, they're similar to Snuff.
they have acoustic songs on their previous album, listen to 'Circle' and 'Vermillion Pt. 2'
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I heard it recently too and I really liked it. It's creepy how much I can identify with it actually because I can't at all with a lot of songs I listen to.

B&A though.
ah snuff is such a brilliant song, i think its my 3rd most listened to on my ipod (around 130 listens)
it proves that they can do other types of music as well.
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Well thats me set ^^
I have to say slipknot'S new album has really grown on me. didn't think too much of it at first, because it was very different from IOWA, but it's pretty cool. they are all finally shining as the musicians they are. corey is an awesome singer, the guitarists are pretty good, and joey is a solid drummer, as we all know. yes, you can say as often as you want how much they suck, but they are all pretty solid musicians. not the best, of course not, but solid and good nonetheless.
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Well its not really one any more, but it was a side project originally.

Not really, Stone Sour was first...if you want to be really picky about it then Slipknot is the side project
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Love that song. My favorite on that CD is gematria though.
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Good song.

Too bad Corey sucks live.

no he doesn't. I've seen him live and he was bloody amazing
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