In the shower, I remember,
Our soaking skin, squished together,
Floods of kisses, torrential touch,
Just me and you, under bathroom weather

Descending the stairs, its obvious,
jubilant adventurers, juvenile adulterers,
Carpet burns, and taking turns,
"Oh how sexually", said you, "deprived of us"

On the street, some viscid views,
A blind old fellow, flogging the news,
Hoards of scruffy strangers, tongues in double dutch,
Pass the puddle-drowned tramp, doused in booze,

By the bridge I'm frozen, by bold graffiti's decree,
"MARRY ME ROSE" it says, he got down on one knee,
And all those doubts I'd once had, I'd put them once to bed,
Rose and fell around me, a mirage of regret, what if we'd have wed?
Once We Were Anarchists
It's been read a lot, so anybody? Don't I do awful amazingly?
Once We Were Anarchists
Its very well done. The trouble with with love songs is that it is very hard to make them stand out from the million of other simmilar ones. That said, this one does slightly and it is pretty well crafted.

The end of the second verse doesn't seem to flow very well and you might consider not using quotes like that. Again, that said, the last verse is excellent and you used the quote well.