I know that VCU has one of the best music programs in the country, and it's not to far from where i live, but i would love to go to las vegas since i haven't been there since i was a little kid. I guess it depends on which has a better music program....
what do y'all think.
on of my friends is actually transferring to vcu to study music. i dont kno much about there program personally but he said they are more open to alternative/pop/newer stuff
I am actually in the music program at VCU and it is very good. Richmond also is a great music city with a lot of playing opportunities. The faculty really knows their stuff. There are not as many players here than at some schools but the people here really have their stuff together. The quality is beyond a place like Shenadoah IMHO although Rick Whithead is a monster player. Oh and if you do decide to go here try and study with Adam Larrabee he is an absolutely amazing player.
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Go to VCU. UNLV's not worth traveling across the country for. Go to Vegas some spring break; It'll be plenty.
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never been to virginia but members from gwar and lamb of god went to VCU so....

also vegas is not really that interesting aside from the strip. it's really only good if you go for about a week and are 21/have a fake id.
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