Hey guys. A friend mine have a Marshall JTM60 modded to the JTM45 model. He ask me if i want to trade my Marshall 9005 (valve poweramp) + my Marshall 1922 (cabinet 2x12,celestions), for the JTM 60 modded. What do you think?
I'd like to see a gutshot of the conversion (it's not even a mod if it's going between a JTM45 and JTM60). I take it that he mounted a new board, installed a new PT, and pretty much had the amp rebuilt using the JTM60 chassis?

The JTM45 and JTM60 are completely different, a good JTM45 is easily superior, however, you need to make sure the conversion was done correctly. It all boils down to whether or not you like the JTM45 tone and whether or not the person who "modded" it really turned it into a JTM45.
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^Yes, it was. He send the amp to the UK to be done by specialists. I heard samples (unfortunally i can't put them online), and it sounds very good . What you say? It worths the trade?
Imo, I would take the JTM45, but regardless, I would need to see gutshots of the amp before making a deal like that. Seriously, it's basically a JTM45 built from scratch if it's a true conversion, the JTM60 is not an amp that you can just switch out a few components and values and have a JTM45. If you could somehow get a gut shot (a picture of the inside the chassis) I'd like to see it. I would never buy an amp like that without seeing how they rewired the amp first.

Speaking of which, you can get plenty of JTM45 clones for under $1000 as it is...
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