I know i am n00by but i wonder what is the difference between active and passive speakers.
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Active speakers=speakers with power amp, so they work with line level signal.

Passive speakers=...just...the speakers...you'll need an amp for them...lol.
All guitar cabs are passive. (...at least i don't know any exceptions)
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Active = inbuilt power amp - accepts line level signal (direct from a preamp basiccly [mixerboards have preamps in built so you can run it directly from a mixerboard that has a preamp in it])

Passive = needs a wire from a power amp!

see it like this, an active has it's own power supply, battiers or something, the passive ones have to batterys, no power and need a power supply.
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active ones would be like a stereo system or anything you plug a line level signal into. passive speakers are like a guitar cabinet or anything that requires separate amplification

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