Ok, so I pick up my LP today and the rhythm pick up aint working, I tried messing around with the switch but that didnt seem to be the problem, anyone know what I should try, I could take the pick up off, and see whats wrong with that one.
Any help is appreciated

there is basically no sound coming out, otherwise trebble works fine
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Same thing happened to my studio.
But I haven't attempted to correct it yet so I'm not sure what it is. I never play that guitar anyway haha
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Check wiring, and the toggle switch, they are the two likely culprits

LP toggle switchs seem a bit dodgy, a guy I know with two old gibby LPs say they eventually go no matter what you do
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if its an epi LP custom then i had the EXACT same problem. i didn't really do anything to fix it. i just unplugged the cord from the amp and guitar and i didn't play or turn anything on for a few days. i replugged everything and it started to work again. i have no idea how but no complaints here..
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And I'd put money on you all having a dodgy selector switch. It's either broken, got bent contacts or it's simply dirty.
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There was a guitar like this at my local GC. Les Paul Swamp Ash, I believe (or something like that) but yeah, the neck pickup wasn't producing any sound. might be a cable inside.
I actually figured it out, looks like my tone nobs are messed up, when I twist them all the way, the sound copletely stops, then I have to twist them back all the way down for the sound to come, so now I have to buy bew pots!
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The epi factory switches seem to go out pretty fast. Sometimes you can clean em or bend the little tabs.