I just got it. Yes I now I have to put the hook in the soundhole but when I stand, the guitar goes down to my knees even when I adjust it. Please someone tell me how I'm supposed to put it on.
Weird is putting it lightly. Does it wrap around the body of the guitar somehow before you hook it into the soundhole? Looks to me like the big triangle part with the 3 main nylon webbings coming out of it should go against the back of the guitar, then maybe the hook should wrap around and hook in. Then the big loop goes over your head? Guessing all the way here as I've never seen one or used one like it.
What a strange strap.

Edit: Give the HUGE pic time to load...
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cool strap, looks like it just straps to the soundhole and your trousers, like suspenders

lol, strap-on
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Stolen from another forum:

"You have to put the strap down behind the guitar, take it up in front and hook it in the sound hole."

So the question is are you hooking it to the top of the sound hole, or the bottom?

Sounds like it drapes behind the back of the guitar and the hook comes up from underneath and attaches to the bottom of the sound hole on the front.

I have never used one, so I am not sure how accurate the info is.