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Dream Of Mirrors
3 15%
Crimson Mind
6 30%
Crimson Eyes
6 30%
Vivid Dream
4 20%
Tearful Eyes
1 5%
Voters: 20.
Hi, My band has been "slowely dying out" and by now it is actually over.

In the end it was only me and the rythme guitarist who were left, and I'm in a school-year where I have very little free time, in order to have a band I need someone who is free when I am free and any people who I suggested were rejected by the rythme guitarist.

SO I decided t make a new band (still keep the one I have even though nothing's happening) and I know a few people who could be interested.

Now I have a few band names which I think are all okay and I would like you to vote for the one that seems best. If you don't like any please vote for the best one anyway and post your suggestion.

Many Thanks in advance.
I think they all kinda suck, but Tearful Eyes sticks out from the rest because it sucks even harder.
Whats the genre? And using Crimson reminds me too much of King Crimson for being a peculiar word.
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genre? it's not really classified more like acoustic.melodic and metal so. It fit;s to the band names.

I thought tearfu eyes was ok.
The best sounding ones are the Crimson ones. I've seen that word used in a band name far too much though.

Get ya heads together and have a rethink!
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hmmm maybe, I can't think of anything though, my mind's gone blank.

I'm gna getsome sleep and see what I think of omorrow, than for the help though.
theres already a famous austrailian band named "behind crimson eyes"

so yeah, crimson eyes'll just cause confusion.
To be honest, I didn't like any of those names. That shouldn't matter though, it's your band. I'd suggest forming the band and then just let a name choose you (so to speak). My band have been playing together a month or so now and we still haven't found 'THAT' name yet.
crimson eyes sounds cliche and probably has been used

i don't think crimson mind has, and honestly it sounds the best and least-poppy

but i don't think it's that great

how is it YOUR band if you need to ask US for help with just the name?
I voted dream of mirrors, it seems the most original out of all the choices... though i'm pretty sure it's an iron maiden song and dream of mirror online is a online rpg game.

There are a number of bands in my town alone that use Crimson in their band name. x_x
These names are very cliche, bro. Stay away from commonly used words, if you can. Crimson? Dream? Mirror? TEARFUL? The names you're suggesting make you sound like you're taking yourself WAY TO SERIOUSLY.
I can't come up with ideas anyway I'mm starting a band I only have 1 member so far and I want to make the myspace
Quote by thedefrockednun
I can't come up with ideas anyway I'mm starting a band I only have 1 member so far and I want to make the myspace

I'll throw a few out there, straight off the top of my head.

Hate Crime


Feels Like Betrayal (To Me)

Meh. Maybe, maybe not. Like I said, just off the top off my head.
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