Hey everyone, I've been playing seriously for almost 3 years now so I consider myself an intermediate guitarist. I'm really into extreme metal so most of the songs I know are either metal or rock songs. I've been thinking about it a while and I realized I don't know any songs from other genres of music. I'd like to learn some beginner songs from other genres of music such as blues, jazz, country, folk, flamenco, etc. So here are some of my request:

1.) A good blues song. I know the 12 bars of blues but I want to learn something a little more complex. I want a good blues song, not rock/blues (Jimi Hendrix or ZZ Topp stuff) please.

2.) A good country song. I hate stuff like Kenny Chesney and all the newer country music. I'm looking for something like Hank Williams Jr., some old twangy real country that is guitar oriented.

3.) A good jazz song. I know some jazz chords and I really like gypsy jazz like Django Reinhardt but I've never learned an entire jazz song.

4.) A good folk song. I know nothing of this genre so anything will be good.

5.) A good flamenco song. Again, I know little to nothing about this genre so any song will do.

Also, please try to keep the difficulty of these songs between beginner and intermediate. Also try to pick more popular songs that really represent their respective genre. Thanks to any who help me out!
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Folk songs, just look into Bob Dylan or Neil Young, old school country look up some Johnny Cash. Blues..Marshal Thurgood I think that's how you spell it anyway or John Lee Hooker or Eric Clapton.
Blues... Look into Sweet Home Chicago, or Crossroads Blues... Just about anything by Buddy Guy, BB King, or Robert Cray would do as well.

Good Country... "Highwayman" by the Highwaymen is pretty fantastic... But as far as the lead guitar goes it's not really country. Johnny Cash is pretty much the man when it comes to good country.

Jazz, Folk and Flamenco I don't know well enough to really be of much help.
Eric Clapton is not pure blues... It's his primary style but he was always mixing and matching it with jazz and various rock influences.
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