so. which one should i buy first

Hipshot D-tuner

bbe sonic stomp

badass II bridge
I play bass!
mmm none, go buy yourself some hookers or just do the d-tuner
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Make sure you try out the BBE before you buy it. Personally, I found it took far more away from my tone than it gave.

Both the D-tuner and the badass are solid upgrades. I'd say go for the bridge first. The d-tuner is primarily convenience, while the bridge offers constant improvement.
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yeah, i would say go with the bridge. only go with the hipshot if you're sure that you need it. the bridge will be an upgrade for any kind of playing.
^^not necessarily helpful.
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so. apparently musiciansfriend.com has stopped carrying the leo quan badass bridge.

the only bass bridge they have is the vintage fender bridge.

looks like guitar center will be getting my business.
I play bass!
BadAss. I don't see how a Hipshot is worth whatever price it is until you have all the cash in the world and no needs. Downtuning to D is like clockwork for me after a couple of months of doing it by ear.

I also just recently bought the BadAss, and I can say that's it's a huuuge improvement over my old Fender bridge. The sustain and playability have greatly improved.
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