I'm getting an old Engl Savage 60 soon, it's so old it doesn't even have light in it.
I don't know how it exactly looks like where the tubes are, but I want to put some LEDs there, maybe RGB LEDs which I'll control with a microcontroller and a button to change the color.
So how do I get DC voltage for that circuit?

I hope you can help me, UG!

wait... so... you're buying an Engl without tubes, and you want to put LEDs in it to make it look like tubes instead of putting tubes in it so that the amp would actually work? I'm completely lost on what you're thinking of here.
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no it has tubes he just doesn't know the exact lay out of the head.

And TS sorry I am not good with this kinda thing
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With leds you could just make a simple ass circuit and shove a battery in there.
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Erm no, the Engl already has tubes. Oo
I just want to light them...
Like that:

I know about the battery thing, but I'd prefer using a voltage source in the amp.
Btw, does anybody know how hot tubes can get?
tubes light up when they turn on, the harder you push them, the brighter they glow. No need to add lights. And tubes get pretty damn hot.
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.
Oh, but I hope they don't get so hot that they light blue.
What is pretty damn hot? 150°C?
if they light blue it'll just be the inner coating used on the tube etc.

They probably will get upto and passed 150 degrees, no worries though, it wont blow up.. or will it :P
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