Hey guys,

Ive been looking to buy a new amp and was wondering what to get. Im looking for an amp up to £200 (no more!). I don't really want anything bigger than a 30 watt amp. Ive been looking at the roland cube and the vox valvetronix but i don't really want the effects and amp modelling stuff as i have a Boss ME50. I play all sorts of music so it needs to have a relativly good clean sound and also cope with lots of distortion.


in my opinion the vox valvetronix is the best way to go. I really don't like either the BOSS ME 50 of the roland cube cause i think they sound really harsh and sterile. i think the vox is a much more accurate tube amp feel and sound. The cube just sounds like a generic solid state to me. but that's just my opinion. also on the larger valvetronix amps they have a wattage control so you can adjust it's loudness with that as well.