This might seem stupid to you but it will benefit me a TON. Also, I'm not very good at making schematics. So heres the deal. I want to have a secondary volume control for both my pickups. I'm assuming that for this to be done, I would need a DPDT toggle switch in between my input jack and the last place that wire leads to. I need to know how I would wire up the extra volume pot through the switch, into the input and so forth. I guess in a nut shell, it's a killswitch with a variable volume.

Thanks in advance!
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Right. You would require a dpdt on-on switch. The two left hand connections would go to one volume pot, and the two right hand connections to the other. The middle connections would be one from the pickup, the other to the switch.

Give me a min and I'll make a drawing.
You wouldn't need a switch unless you want to turn the master volume (that's what it is) off and you could do virtually the same by turning it up full.

It won't add volume but you could set it to be taken out of the circuit using a switch to go from master volume specified (i.e. quieter) to 'full' (the same as your current setup on max).

Which do you want?

EDIT: See, you need to explain better. Me and supergerbil have two different ideas as to what you're asking
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I want the second thing you suggested. What I basically want is a volume switch. Where I can go from full volume to half or 1 with the flick of a switch. Just to make things faster.
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You need an ON/ON switch and another volume pot then.

From your current switch if it goes to the jack it needs to go to the middle terminal of an ON/ON. The top needs to go to the jack hot (tip) and the bottom should go to the vol pot in. The new vol out should go to the jack hot as well.

Just toggles between a master vol and direct to jack circuit.

Do you need a diagram?
I diagram would help me out soooo much. I have a six lug dpdt switch I acquired from radioshack and an extra pot lying around. I haven't tried to do anything yet as far as wiring though. Thanks so much for helping me.
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Hmm. I can't see the picture using firefox or explorer. Can anyone else see it?
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Guess where this is from

Modified slightly with the DPDT On/On bypass/Master Volume.

EDIT: I'd probably ground the switch casing as well but I've not bothered putting it on the diagram.
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Thank you very much! Should I just solder the ground to the back of another pot?
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Yes, solder the switch casing to the new vol pot and the new vol pot to one of the other pots (all grounds).
Notice how they all end up at the bridge tone, no ground loops.
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