Crate 4 x 12 Guitar Cabinet
Crate 4x12 cabinet with 4, 12 inch 100watt speaker -- Has angled front. Great Shape
crate amp

Gibson Custom 2006 Alpine White Les Paul Guitar
Gibson Custom Alpine White Les Paul Guitar Fred. "2006" Gibson Les Paul Custom Alpine White Guitar..Bought Brand New By me...Rarely every used..Has P.R.S. Pickups installed..Even has a custom coil tap on the Rythm Volume nob...Comes with the Original Gold Pickups also!! Mint Condition..With Custom case and Gibson Custom Art Certificate..NO DISAPOINTMENTS..Need cash...This guitar goes for $3,899 In Guitar Center or Musicians Friend...PM me for more pics.
Gibson Pic
another pic

2008 vox AD15VT-XL guitar amp
VERY nice amp complete with 11 guitar-effects and 11 guitar-styles. It looks brand new and it practicly is brand new. I barely ever used it and I feel it should go to a good home were it will be used.

Boss ME-50 Guitar Multi Effects Processor. This is one of the most versatile, easy to use multi effects units on the market. As opposed to having to go through digital menus to make edits to your effects, everything is controlled by knobs on the unit. Almost as easy as having a bunch of stomp boxes. I've owned this unit for about 6 years, but haven't touched it in about 3 since I bought a modeling amplifier and no longer needed it. It's in good shape except for some scratches on the metal casing from gigging/normal usage. Built like a tank much like Boss stomp boxes. Below is the description of the unit from Boss.
The Boss ME-50 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal gives you professional sound on an easy-to-use pedal. Control everything with clearly marked knobs! Like having a whole collection of Boss stomp boxes — 10 EQ presets, 22 distortion types, 11 modulation types, 11 delay types, and 6 expression pedal effects. The distortion, mod, and delay sections each feature the same parameter control knobs that you'd find on a Boss pedal and a stomp switch to turn the effect on or off. Includes wah, pitch-shift, ring mod, square wave, rotary, you name it! 2 taps of a button save your patch into 30 editable presets. Power supply (PSA-120/151370) sold separately.
Boss ME-50 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Features:
Effects types: tone modify (EQ), compression, noise suppression, reverb, overdrive/distortion, modulation, delay, expression pedal effects
Power supply (Boss PSA-120) sold separately
Overdrive/distortion types: metal, loud, lead, crunch, natural, MT-2, DS-1, DS-2, BD-2, OD-2, OD-1, scream, DST+, guv, rat, muff, face, modern OD, stack, hi gain, modern DS, square, oct fuzz
Modulation types: flanger, phaser, st chorus 2, st chorus 1, chorus, harmonist, tremolo, pan, vibrato, uni-v, rotary
Delay types: analog, 400-2000ms, 100-500ms, 25-125ms, 0-30ms, slow echo, pan, space pan, reverse, hold, tap
Expression pedal effects: volume, wah, resonance, voice, ring mod, +1 octave, -1 octave
30 editable presets
1/4" stereo outs
1/4" TRS line/phones out
1/8" TRS aux in
1/4" footswitch in

Peavey Bandit 112 with Transtube technology and a 12" Sheffield speaker. This unit has a great clean channel and a very versatile gain channel. Gain can go from mild breakup to bone crushing distortion. This amp is in great condition. Footswitch included.
Peavey Specs:
* 80 watts into 8 ohms ( 1-12 speaker )
* 100 watts into 4 ohms ( with extension speaker )
* Footswitchable Effects Loop
* Preamp out , Power amp in
* Clean channel with vintage/modern switch
* Lead Channel with Vintage/High Gain switch
* Tube Dynamics section with Tight/Loose resonance switch
* 12 inch Sheffield 1230 Speaker
* External speaker jack
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picture 2
That gibson probably has more chance on Harmony Centeral, but if i had the money...
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whats the price on the peavey?
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Peavey Valveking 112
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Quote by Lethal Dosage
whats the price on the peavey?

I was wondering the same thing
I paid about $400 for the Peavey Bandit. So I will sell it for $325 because it is in perfect condition. Or make an offer.
My car brokedown today so I am going to sell all of my guitar items to raise money for a used car.

I have the following message me for details about each one and pictures.
Peavey XXX 120 watt amp head
Peavey Valveking 112
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2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio
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Gibson SG Fadded in cherry
2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio
Black Gibson Les Paul Standard

nice guitars