So I wrote this cool phrase, and I was wondering what would be some good scales to or modes to play over it. I don't want to play just plain 'ol modes though. I want some exotic like scales like Super-locrian and such!

Heres the Progression:
It's in F#m

F#madd9 --> D(b5)/A --> Bm(b5) --> c#7

The thing I'm having trouble with is the modes and scales I have played over it don't really fit the chords.
The F#madd9 won't be hard to do as it can be substituted with some sort of minor scale of course. The D(b5)/A Is a cool sounding chord because you have the regular 5th and the b5 in it and it has a cool tonality to it but I'm not sure what to do. Same for the other two.
I have never found it helpful to memorize modes and the formulas for them. Just analyze the notes that are in your chord and find a scale that matches. For your Db5/A, for example, you know that there is a D major chord in the F#m scale so build off of the d major scale for that chord. I would suggest the lydian mode because it contains a sharp 4th (which is the same as a flat 5). From D lydian you can add color notes like changing between a normal and flatted 7th which create very different tonal possibilities. From there find a way to blend the scale with the scale from the next chord. Hope I helped.
Sticking as close to F#m as possible, I'd go with F# natural minor over the first two chords (that D chord is Dadd#11/A, BTW), F# Harmonic minor over Bm(b5), which should be called Bdim, BTW, and F# natural or harmonic minor over C#7, probably harmonic minor.