If anyone is familiar with the little wonder oil called "Tea Tree Oil"... well, I have an idea. It's used to disinfect and to moisturize. It smells good, tastes good, it's natural... they use it as flavoring, they use it in shampoos, they use it in flavored toothpicks, they even use it in hospitals... would it be good to use in my guitar humidifier? I feel like it's a great idea. Just a small bit mixed with water of course.

Thank you for your input! Maybe this could be a new technique?

That's actually a really cool idea. I don't think it would do anything extra special for you guitar, but it might smell nice at least.

I have tea tree shampoo by the way, it's fantastic.
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Me too! Haha, I started out chewing tea tree oil toothpicks and got kinda addicted to em. The Thursday Plantation ones (I'll send a link if you're interested, good for smokers trying to quit just btw) and I realized that if I chew them when I have a cold, my mouth stays much cleaner and I get rid of my cold faster. I then looked into it a bit more and found out all the great things about it and a girl at work told me about the shampoo. Tried that and it's awesome! Smells good, keeps my skin moisturized, great stuff. SO! I figured, "Hmmm, well, sometimes you can get bacteria in your humidifier and that's terrible for your guitar, and sometimes the humidifier evaporates too quickly... TEA TREE OIL!"

I dunno, I'm really thinkin' about it but I don't wanna hurt my favorite guitar
I kinda like the wood smell of my guitar the way it is now, so no thanks. Besides, if the stuff is as addictive as donut says, I certainly don't want my Alverez getting hooked on it!
But good job of thinking outside of the box on this one. You might have something there for musty old smelling guitars that have been laying around in attics and whatnot.
Give it a shot and let us know what happens.
Very true, some guitars just have a smell you would never wanna lose! But, well, personally, I think tea tree oil smells almost exactly like the inside of a nice rosewood back and side guitar so I don't think it would affect it too much.
My guess is that you'll eventually have a buildup of old oil in your humidifier. The oil wont evaporate nearly as fast as the water (nor will it mix), so it will most likely be there when the water is gone.

But if it makes your guitar smell nice, it doesn't sound like a bad idea. It surely won't hurt anything.
My guitar smells sweet, like cupcakes. It's weird... always smelled like cupcakes, even when I bought it.
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Quote by captivate
My guitar smells sweet, like cupcakes. It's weird... always smelled like cupcakes, even when I bought it.

That's the secret to a Martin's amazing sound. A cupcake is placed inside every guitar, just out of sight.