Hey, I'v been looking at this amp for awhile now and I'm wondering if its good I'v heard that you cant use effect pedals with it is this true? and also that its not good with active pickups I have a Jackson DKMG with active emgs.

i used to own one of these. theyre...eh. a lot of people will say theyre horrible though. you can use pedals if you really want to, but A. the amp already has them so why? and B. especially distortion into one of these, is will sound awful. not sure about the active pickups though
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No, the Spiders are terrible. Get a Peavey Vypyr or a Roland Cube. They are far better amps then Spiders.
lack of tone isn't worth the money, you could find a better amp
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Spiders = bad
EMG's + Solid State = bad
Spider + pedal = bad

Spider + pedal + EMG's = dear god no.

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no. for that price, get a tube amplifier capable of the genres you want to play. my guess is youre into metal if you like EMG's. so look into bugera instead.
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Get a horizontal stack. Definitely more brootal than the vertical ones.
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i actually have one, so i speak from experience.
its not a bad amp contrary to what most people say. if your not serious about playing and gigging and all that **** then yeah you will enjoy it. but if not your gonna find that you want a new and better amp most likely a tube amp. so its up to you, but in all honesty i cant say that its HORRIBLE. and as for pedals i dont really use too many effects other than a wah. when you run the wah by itself it doesnt sound bad, but if you want to use distortion pedals and a wah (and most likely other effects too) together, DONT GET THIS AMP. the wah with the distortion pedal sounds terrible. so consider that.
i hate fanboys that say it sucks so much and reccomend cubes and vypyrs when half problably never tried them.
Well..... what's your budget?

And to PollyWntsCrack, I have played the Cube and the Vypyr. I'd recommend either over the Spider any day of the week.

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USD I'm guessing. You play mainly metal, correct?

I know it gets thrown around a lot, but look for a used 5150/6505/6505+/Boogera (yes I know its Bugera...)

That pretty much covers all your bases....

I know the other guys here will give you more and probably better suggestions

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

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And if we had a solid budget we could suggest something far better then the spider. Look at Cubes/Vypyrs/Valvetronix's for low budget practice amps, and Bugers/Used Peaveys/B-52 AT112 for tube amps and possible gigging.
why should this guy get a vypyr if he plans on using effect pedals? it reacts to pedals just as badly as spiders. get a B-52 at-112 or look used

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Your only option is to either get a Bugera as previously suggested or look for a used Peavey XXX combo or something very similar. You want a tube amp of sorts that can do metal if you're gonna make proper use of EMG's.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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Spiders = bad
EMG's + Solid State = bad
Spider + pedal = bad

Spider + pedal + EMG's = dear god no.

Try a B-52 AT-112, or wait for the 6505+ 112. Get a tube combo, you will be much more satisfied.
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

Seriously, no there are much better amps you can get in that price range, don't be fooled by flashy light, and low quality digital effects
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As a practice amp they arent terrible, there is better but its a practice amp. But any other use there are so many much better amps to buy. To get any use out of it your gonna have to lay out some extra cash for the foot controller. And their reliability is pretty bad. If you already have pedals then you dont need an amp loaded with FX to. Your budget is going to really restrict what you can get. Not much in the way of a half stack for that kind of cash. More money or less amp.
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