I remember hearing something about putting foam around your pickups to cut back the hiss that they give off. I think it was in an interview with Satch.

Is this true?
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I have heard that Paul Gilbert also uses it, so i am going to assume it works.
no..... you have to get a ISP decimator, furman power conditioner and better guitar cords like planet waves or something.
humbuckers buck hum
that's my solution
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First, we have to understand what causes hum. The electrical wiring in your home generates invisible electromagnetic fields. The single coils pickups are notorious for "receiving" these fields. Also, cheap cables with inadequate shielding are also notorious for doing the same thing. In order to reduce, or eliminate hum, we need something that's capable of blocking the field from getting to the pickup or cable. That "something" must either be ferrous, or capable of conducting current. While foam is good at insulating, it does a poor job of being magnetic or conducting current. Therefore, it's impossible for foam to eliminate, or even slightly reduce hum. Try it if you like, but don't be surprised when it doesn't work.

Think about it: If it worked, wouldn't Fender have installed foam around ALL of the single coil pups in their guitars???

Oh, one other thing:

If you pack foam around the pickup, you're packing it around the null axis. The sides of the pups are the least sensitive to signals, due to the orientation of the magnets and the fields they produce. You'd literally have to shield the top of the pup, between the strings and the pup. Doing this would definitely eliminate the hum. However, it would also eliminate the signal.
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It was to cut back on feedback.

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Like I said. Have at it and don't be surprised if it doesn't work. Good luck! Oh, and be sure to use the correct type of foam!
Not sure how foam would help with feedback or hum. Foam isnt going to insulate from electromagnetic fields. Sounds like one of those mojo things that some people believe.
i cut slivers of foam to put in between the spring of my tremolo. it's cut the vibration of them that can be picked up my emg's when doing effects like flutters. I've tried it under and around passive pickups (ibanez v7 and v8) and it really didn't do much.
so if i used the copper shielding tape i should apply it to the pickup cavities, under the pickguard and the back cavity where the pots and switch are?
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The foam could be to reduce the chances of strings touching. Big thing with EMG's is to isolate the battery (foam wrapping, putting it in a different compartment) to prevent the battery from draining through metal-metal contact.
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also i noticed my pickups are very sensitive, if i tap them with my finger they make quite a bit of noise. is this normal or are they just highly microphonic?
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They might be improperly potted, if they have bubbles in them they will make alot of noise then normal, including when you tap them. They are ways to seal them better unless theyre active
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hmm maybe its time to take it in to my local tech and have him take a look at the wiring.
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