I'm looking for tabs for Money by Pink Floyd. I know there are tons of them on this website and others. I was wondering if anybody knows if Guitar World has had a transcription of them. I've got the last couple of years and thought ive seen it in there but am not certain. I guess what i'm getting at is i dont wanna tear my house apart looking for magazines if its not even tabbed out in them.
I dunno, just use one on the site.
Peace be thy journey
The reason i want the tabs from the mag is they have it showing the 8th and 16th notes and stuff like that. It makes it easier for me to learn it
i dunno, dont worry about it i cant find most my guitar world magazines anyways. i don't have guitar pro
I'm pretty sure that GW has a tab resource on their site and I'm willing to bet that it's been printed in the magazine more than once. The last issue it was in is December 2004.