so yea, im in the talent show, and my goddamn friends bailed on me to do their own thing cause they wanted to play jonas brothers at there school, and now i have nobody

i need a rythm and bass guitarist who would wanna play for whom the bell tolls or enter sandman

i would play something else, but its a catholic lol
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Maybe you suck.

maybe they r little catholic boys who didnt wanna bring rock to primary-high school kids xD
i can play both of those songs on bass and guitar and i live in speedway
Dude, if I didn't live in OK. David and I would help, we're working on perfecting For whom the bell tolls right now cuz were about to do a battle of the bands thing.
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I would, but I dont know how to play met.

it wouldnt let me type out metallica lol
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it wouldnt let me type out metallica lol

You overuse "lol" stop using it. It makes me want to kill you. Now seriously, quit using God's name in vain if you are going to attend a Church. Thank you and God Bless.
I got some good guitars, yo.