Not sure if this is the right place for this... Or if anywhere is the right place but here goes.
I use Dunlop Jazz III picks but I find that they slip a little in my grip which leads to me holding on tighter and therefore playing with more tension and not sounding as good. What I've been doing is covering the bit that I hold with a slight bulge of blu-tac, this gives me a slightly soft, slightly sticky surface as well as making the end a bit bulkier.
The problem is that the blu-tac flattens out after a while and some of the stickiness goes.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a material I could use to achieve a similar (but more durable) effect. Ideally I'd like to make something that folds over the end of my pick and can be switched to another pick when the old one blunts (kind of like a condom for picks... Except you don't use a condom more than once... Or on more than one person for that matter).
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i use the same picks and what i do is super glue a lil peice of sandpaper on both sides. not like a really heavy grit just sumthn 2 stop the slip.
Drill holes in the center of your pick. you'll only need 2 or 3. try taking an exacto and scoring the face lightly.

just a couple of things I've used in my time.

Hahahaa, there are a LOT of different Jazz IIIs my friend, which are you using? I used the regular black ones and the red ones for a long time, and had the same problems you describe. The reds were worse for the problem than the regular blacks. So then I tried the black Stiffo ones, and they are a bit better in the grip department, you might like them. I also tried the Pitch Black series, which work a little bit better at staying in your hand than the regular ones, but the tone was too dull for my liking.

Finally, I came across the Ultex Jazz III's. These are by far the best at staying put in your hand, and have a bit of a gummy feel to them already, while still maintaining the nice bright attack and tone of the regular Jazz III's.

A product to make the picks stick in your hands?


My friend uses this for drum sticks, it works well. I don't use it personally, I hold on to my picks OK.

You can also take a knife/razor blade and cut crosshatch patterns into the picks, or buy these picks!


They have a surface sometimes called "cat tongue", it's a bunch of little tiny raised dots that grip on your hand.

Alternatively, you can buy self stick sandpaper or just glue sandpaper onto your picks, but only the art where you grip.

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I still don't understand how people can use jazz 3's. I can't even use anything past .8mm
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dont use jazz III's. they are made out of crappy shiny plastic. use the tortex ones the same size and shape. they have a grippier surface.

jazz III's suck.
Thank you please.
I'm using a stainless steel plectrum at the moment, surprisinly it sticks to my fingers better than any plastic plects that i've used.

It also doesnt bend or flex.
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I use regular Jazz IIIs and Tortex 1mm.. I've never had trouble with either slipping :\

Edit: Also, there was a pretty huge thread (considering the context) on this recently, which revolved around slicing picks.
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I've started to score both sides of the pick a couple of times with a stanley knife - stops them slipping so far.
I've tried cutting holes and scratching picks before but they still don't feel as good as blu-tac, the extra bulk and softness of the pick just gives me a more relaxed hand (as well as, of course, the extra grip).
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B.C. Rich NT Jr. V (With Seymour Duncan AHB-1 Blackout in bridge)
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I cut my jazz iiis with an xacto. If you cut the ridges at an angle they seem to hold better. I can post a pic later but I'm on my iPod right now in class
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