This is song posted up if youd like to hear it
Only 2 minutes long, with some singing, screamin, growling, and Opera singing, and and spoken words

Why Should you believe me, I have every reason to lie to you, I want you to myself to have and to hold, but I love you too much to lie like that. If it was anyone else you might believe But Im telling you the truth, You dont need to find out the hard way, Trust Me.

I cant tell you how its gonna end because Im just a mortal man
but i can look you right in the eye and lie because thats who i am
I Am the last of my kind
Im living prof that is not impossible to do what Ive done
but Im dying Every Day
I'm not a story worth Telling, Im a life worth Remembering
I dont like to repeat myself but me and the past think alike
I'll Earn your trust back without stealing your heart
Look At Me, All I See, Endlessly, Is You
Im starting to think its no coincidence
That I always seem to draw the shortest straw