It isn't finished but this is my second attempt at pening lyrics.
im a guitarist, but i need to know im im a lyric writer too.

your X x Is suspect, lately, i see it everywere
despite popular opinion, reflected glory can't take you there.
ashes rise and fall, like the frail black snow that you know, so well
your need for acceptance is dim when compared to that burnt plastic smell

Because kind words and stolen annacdotes aint enough in this game.

problem is, i can't seem to make my stuff sound normal, its all weird rhyme scemes and phrases that are hard to fit too music. help me out with crit would you?
if thats your style go with it. weird is not bad. Dont try to be normal....be unique that what will get your music noticed..if stuff is coming out in weird times try learning odd meter... you may be able to fit it in and equally weird time signature
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