My string on my fender starcaster is making almost a jingle noise. Its tuned tho...juts sounds so damn awkward. holding any fret on the 4th string down makes a jingle noise from my guitar. anything i have to fix or whats the problem?
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To the TS; it is most likely fret buzz and it can be adjusted by raising the action slightly. Before you do that... is it audible through the amp?
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Can you hear it when it's unplugged?
yes you can hear it when its un plugged and even worse when its in the amp
mabey give the action a little raise, mabey change strings and put a little grinded pencil lean (graphite) between the string and the nut(although this is a quick fix). Good luck getting is sorted anyway

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check the bridge mount, or tension springs. the squir I had developed this problem. most of the mount screws were loose