So recently i have been looking into a new amp. I need an amp that is versatile, but im having a problem finding one. The closest i came was a B-52 AT 100, unfortunatly the reliability issues turned me away. Peavey seem nice distortion wise but ive had bad experiences with them before. Mesa's cool but out of my price range, and marshall just flat out doesnt have enough gain.

See if you can help me, i would be most grateful. Here are the following limitations/useful info

- I play mostly modern hard rock(sevendust, chevelle, tool, a perfect circle) though i go everywere from lifehouse to slipknot.

- I play a 1991 Gibson les paul studio (good one with maple top)

- I use DR strings

- Most everything I play hard rock wise is in drop D tuning or drop B tuning

- The amp itself must have at least two channels.

- It can be a head or a combo

- must be tube (sorry i didnt address that earlier)

- preferably 6L6 but doesnt have to be

-IT MUST HAVE A GOOD CLEAN CHANNEL! I cannot stress that enough, for me the clean channel is almost as important as the distortion channel.

- Lastly, my budget is $600

P.S. Think used... I NEVER buy anything new, i like it old and cheap with loads of "charactor"(you know what i mean)

Hmm. Well, B-52 supposedly cleaned up it's act. 5150''s have **** cleans. Maybe a Krank Rev. What bad experiences have you had with peavy. Because tbh, the only good amps in that range for you are from peavey
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That is a lot to ask for $600. Especially new. I'd look on craigslist and the bay. I don't think the B52's reliability is that bad. Do you have some recent examples of them crapping out? Used Ampeg VH140 maybe?

apparently u didnt read the whole thing... i buy NOTHING new
That was a while ago I think. The Ampeg is excellent. Solid State, but an amazing amp nonetheless. They go fairly cheap too.
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Why must it be tube?

Anyways, you could get a used mesa F-30 or Randall RG50TC.

because tube is awesome, and the randall's cleans distort WAY too quickly
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because tube is awesome, and the randall's cleans distort WAY too quickly

Ok. Dude, way to jump on the bandwagon. There are some amzing ss amps out there. Don't hate it because everyone else does. Also, that's making a big generalization. Who told you Randall's cleans do that?
Well an all tube amp that is great for all of that stuff and isn't B-52 or Randall is pretty much impossible.

I would seriously consider that Ampeg or a Line 6 Flextone. Don't judge based on the Line 6 name, it is a great amp.
Apparently b-52 cleaned up their reliance issues.
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Look what I started... I'd never heard the VH-140C mentioned at all here until I bought one

I vote Mesa DC-5 or F-50.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

The RG50TC's cleans don't distort early... you just have to turn your guitar volume down and they go VERY loud.
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