You know the intro for Welcome Home? Nice acoustic intro. Well I was wondering if there was FULL songs just like that. Acoustic guitar is the only thing I like to play but I also like the acoustic rock thing so can anybody help?

the band "Boston" has a song called "Foreplay" or somthing, its got some awesome acoustic breaks in it think.

but otherwise
any of Co & Ca's stuff is good
the intro to crazy on you by heart

she talks to angels by the black crowes

spanish fly by van halen

more than words by xtreme

you've got to hide your love away by the beatles

out of the blue by john lennon

there's quite a few good accoustic rock songs
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how bout the acoustic version of "Meeting of the Spirits" by Mahavishnu Orchestra

look up how to play the arpeggio...fun chords to play
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Bron Y Aur and Bron yr Aur Stomp by Led Zep are both fun to play.

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The Clap (hehehe, he just said the name of an STD) by Yes
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