I work at goodwill and today i was lucky enough to have someone drop off a beautiful ovation 12 string in case. it had no strings but what a beautiful guitar nonetheless. I did a little bit of research when i got home and it would appear that it is a 1972 Pacemaker 12-String. The model number is 1615.4 and the serial is 001955.

I was just wondering what this might be worth. the only thing that is wrong with it that i can find is that the 13th fret High E string is dead.

i have attached a crappy picture from my fone of the body.

Even though that is a crappy phone photo, that is one nice looking guitar. I don't know what it is worth money wise but I'm sure in personal value you will find it is worth more than money.
Jack that bad boy.
Wait, you said it has no strings, but then your picture has strings?
hmmm....600-700 maybe. I've seen them go around there. Maybe work on that e string though. Fret problem? Truss rod?
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i have no intention of selling as it really is a gorgeous guitar. im going to whip out the digital and take a better picture soon. I guess i was just curious what something like this might go for as i really have no idea.

and i just strung it up before i posted.

also, what would i do to fix that problem with the dead fret?...
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Is it just the 13th fret on the "E" string.

thats where its worst. it carries over to the other ones around it a little bit.
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So you stole a guitar from a charity? You're cool.

Ya... what about that?
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Quote by Tommy Walker
So you stole a guitar from a charity? You're cool.

i paid 40 dollars for it actually. and that does not bother me. if i hadnt bought it god knows where it would be now.