ok So I will admit my main instrument isn't guitar its actually drums (don't hurt me! lol) but I've always messed around on guitar I have a nice hamer electric and fender amp but a couple of months ago i bought a acoustic and I've really been putting more time into really trying to learn more

anyway I was wondering about playing/ making loops this is really what i want to do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulyoxdhHrIs&feature=related how is she doing this? is she really "recording" these sounds and looping them right away or is the recording but just a act? either way how can i do this? any tips or advice?
There's many looping pedals out there where you can record sounds on top of each other.


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Yea, she's layering tracks with a looper.

Boss RC-2 and 20.

Some delays have loop type functionality (really long delays)

I have the Digitech Jamman. It has 99 pre-sets and does like 6 or 12 hours of CD quality audio with unlimited overdubs (more if you get a huge sd card). It shows up as a usb drive when you plug it into a computer. The audio is saved as .wav files. Makes it easy to transfer loops to and from it. I dump drum loops from a sequencer to it - then layer bass onto that with my octave pedal. Then i do live guitar with real time overdubs over that. I'm trying to do Slayer covers with both guitars by-myself. The outboard triple foot switch lets me click back and forth through verse-chorus-verse and arm/record and the two switches on the pedal start and stop.

The dedicated loopers will also quantize to smooth out the repetitions.
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so was she recording them right on the spot or preprogrammed?

She was doing it all live. Even if she cheated with a sneaky preset, which she didn't...

I just watched it again. She's awesome. She almost makes it look like there are levels of undo on that pedal. That would be cool, but it don't think so.. She basically mixes and remixes her performance.
after I asked this I actually found a video on youtube of her teaching you how to play the song including the loops and everything it is a sweet video
Boss RC-20 for the win, man. I love that pedal. The be-all, end-all of pedal-based looping, as far as I'm concerned.
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Boss RC-20 for the win, man. I love that pedal. The be-all, end-all of pedal-based looping, as far as I'm concerned.

I had that one... meh. It works ok enough but...

You have to count flashes to figure out what preset you are on. That's ok if you wipe the thing for every song, but if you want to get more elaborate with verse-chorus-verse changes, or using it as part of your recording work flow (Jamman loops save as wav files that you can copy your computer) it's useless.

Digitech's Jammman blows it away. Its got way more memory (uses and SD card) , 99 presets USB, and a LED screen.

The RC-2 with an out-board foot pedal seems the way to go over the RC-20. You get the same functionality, but you'll save money.
Mainly because loopers aren't really that widespread as a pedal, unlike OD or delay, they are almost always digital and are usually made only by bigger companies. That being said, my two favourite loopers that don't also do delay are the Akai Headrush and the Zvex Lo-FI Loop Junky. Also, the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai and the Empress Superdelay both have loopers and delay and both are very awesome pedals.
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