greetings all, from time to time i post some lyrics i'm working on in here. i have a song and all i really know is that i wanted the title to be "forever war" so i just started kinda typing and this is what came out, this is all i got so far. lemme know what ya think

*Forever War*

lost count of how many times i've seen this
someone lost deep inside that eternal abyss
the bloods run cold and the muscles withered
when thoughts are endless and the spirit fevered
what someone stood and fell for, it's never in vain
if i could i'd only pray i end up the same
just another notch in the pages of a memory
being here standing beside what i love eternally

its never forever as long as we remember
all the things given for us

we drag the chains alone together to take every single inch
holding on to simple beliefs, knuckles white when they clench
onto the hope of a better world, one we've yet to see
something that accepts you for you and me for me
until that day comes when we suffer no more
i'll be here with you, alone, to continue this forever war

edit: upon rereading it i'm not terribly happy with it. but i'll take whatever crit just to get an unbiased opinion.
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