Well, I've decided to mod a my Squire Affinity Strat that I bought some time ago. The reason I decided to do this is because it's the only guitar that I own with a comfort contour body.

First off, I want to ask if it would be cheaper to buy a new guitar. The guitar I would probably buy instead would be a $700 Ibanez (Edge Pro Trem). So, should I mod this guitar or buy a new one? It needs new tuners, p-ups, knobs, and p-up switch. I want to get YJMs in the neck/middle and an EMG in the bridge. Tuners would be Schaler Locking. Knobs/switches I'm not sure about yet.

Second, what should I mod first IF I decide to mod this guitar?
I'd personally say go for the new Ibanez, And later upgrade. It's gonna be a better investment overall.

I'd imagine you'd have more fun modding your own guitar, but that might just be me.

I'd personally recommend the new Ibanez. But trust me on this one, If you plan on getting a new guitar, try it out first, and try as many others as possible, so you know what you want for sure.

id mod m8. i play a encore strat and have the same view as u, its the most comfortable guitar i own and ive had a few. im replacing various nuts and screws, importing a duncan sh-1 for the bridge pickup, replacing the neck. i think modding adds to the fun. u'd be more satisfied when the final product is finished. the next guitar i want to buy is a Schecter Extreme Omen or maybe a Epiphone Les Paul Standard both roughly £350. Modding my strat will only cost me £150 tops.

Good luck with what ever you do tho m8


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I also own a Squier Affinity Strat. Got it for free.

I see your point with the comfort, but personally I would go for another guitar for more tonal ranges. Plus, upgrading a Squier Strat seems kinda ehhh to me. If it was a Fender, then ya, i'd pop some pickups in it. Most squiers are usually made from a cheap agathis, whereas Fenders sport Alder bodies (much better quality).

Either go for an Ibanez, or save up for a Fender. Or both. I personally wouldn't put anything super-nice in a Squier.

Just my personal opinion.
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It'd be more fun and rewarding modding it, but if it were me, I'd get the new guitar, then mod later, s'what I've done over the years.
Also your idea seems a bit tricky, mixing passive and active pickups you'll need two circuits in there for that.
If you can do the mods yourself, go for it. It won't be $700 unless you go out of your way to spend extra money.

If you're considering paying someone to do the mods, either do them yourself or buy a different guitar. Installation costs would be ridiculous. But that's why you should do them yourself!

The only other thing to consider is the fact that the Ibanez has a floating Floyd-style bridge. If that's what you really want, you should consider buying a new guitar (unless you already have a router). If you own a router, install one on your strat!
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