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Glad i could help. A little sad that you aren't making the order till next week though!
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I would if NZs Dollar didn't completely suck at the moment...

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probably ordering monday/tuesday. shipping to canada isnt too bad on costs, maybe 3-4 bucks more for a small box, it just takes FOREVER to get there. the gotoh vintage tremolos are AWESOME, and the gotoh "modern" tremolo is great and its only like 70 bucks, so 40ish for you.
As long as you pay for it I'd love a gold T.O.M and stopbar, locking tuners, 2 500k vol/tone pots, and some other goodies
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One question... Why is the Schaller trem $315? It used to be a bit less than the OFR.
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Stupid name.
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up to like 250 in orders now. you guys KNOW you need a pair of gotoh tuners, or a nice gotoh floyd rose to replace that cruddy TRS in your ibanez


I'm thinking about the gotoh floyd, How much would it be?
does all parts carry sets of Gotoh tuners for 7 string guitars?
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I'd be totally allover this, LP Addict, but they don't have either thinline tele pickgaurds or compensated tele saddles... that's really all I need ATM from a parts company.
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If I had more money and knew exactly what stuff I wanted for my new guitar I would.
When is the next order (After this one)?
Also, how's shipping to London?
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
yeah, ill prolly get those tuners on the next order.
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compensated saddles

and they do have tele thinline pickguards, just let me know what color you want, they are the same price as the regular ones i believe.

its not too late to jump on this chris.
LP Addict, of the pre-slotted nuts, which material would you prefer for a strat?
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graphite if you use a tremolo, bone if you dont

By using a tremolo, do you mean you have a tremolo, or if you actually use it to do divebombs, etc.? Because I have my tremolo blocked.
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I would just like to let everyone know that I'm really happy with ordering my stuff through LP Addict.

Everything got here on time, all the parts got here, and at a really low price for the quality.

I will, no doubt, be doing business with him again, so thank you very much man!
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Jeez those compensated saddles are expensive. As for the pickgaurd, I can't find it on the site. It's a thinline pearloid that I want, for my Squier VM. I'm hoping that it'd fit, how much would the Thinline Pearloid pickguard be? Shoot me a PM.
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.
Hey when are you ordering again because i need some stuff but ive sent you pms and they dont go through? So i guess hit me up with a pm
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