What amp?
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you should save the money on the half stack, buy a real fender or a good epi and just buy a big line 6.
How about we can the Line 6 idea - I mean, if it's a Spyder, you really should not get it, but from the sounds of it, you aren't getting the Line 6 Bogner stack that I've seen (or whatever it is).

I'd say just get a Made in Mexico Standard Telecaster, if you can save for it... and do not get a Line 6 Spyder as your "upgraded" amp.
You can use a Peavey Vypyr for a while. They are rather cheap, the 15w is $100 and the 30w is $200 I believe. Just goes up about $100 every step up. There is also the Roland MicroCube or the Roland Cube 30 or 60 (Don't even touch the 15w IMO, it lacks a lot even vs the microcube). And a MiM Standard Tele sounds like a good choice too.
dick in a box, better than both
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dick in a box, better than both

Hey, no need for that, friend-o.
sg for the winn!!!!!! teles sound fine but youll get tired of the look real fast.
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My first guitar was a Squire Tele, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Solid guitar, well set-up, sweet sound for such a cheapo axe, but weighs a frikkin ton. I'f you're planning on standing up and moving around while playing, forget it.
I have a Squier Tele custom II P90 and am very pleased with it. You need to have go on the guitars you like the look of and see what you think.
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sg for the winn!!!!!! teles sound fine but youll get tired of the look real fast.

Uh, as with any guitar. It's not even about looks.

Do you even know what model he is talking about?

THE G-310. Not a good guitar. MIM Tele is 100x better, hands down. It doesn't even look like a sexy SG, it's really stripped down and low quality.
I would go with the Squier dude. That SG is low end...
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