This is getting me really frustrated.
I know the penactonic scale,blues scale ,minor scale and i know how to play it in the right spot and the key of the song.

but what i want to know is when your improvising to a chord progression

where can you go from the scale?

if you leave the scale will it instantly sound like ****?

its like i dont know what to do?

for like 2 years ive been playing just avenged sevenfold,bring me the horizon and just anything....

i have ok techinique,i can sweep .
im just getting so frustrated with the whole theory thing i dont know what to do ..

uhh so idk why im posting this....

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My advice is that... if you really 'feel' the rhythm, you shouldn't need or be tempted to use notes that aren't on the scale. If you find that you want to use a note here or there that isn't on the scale, THATS PERFECTLY acceptable. Music theory is a tool, so use it look a tool and not like a template for what you can do. However, if you are using notes all over the place that aren't on the scale, it will more than likely sound like **** and you should find a scale that fits what you want to do with the solo better.

I used to be obsessed with technique...and I guess I still am. Recently though... I just play what sounds good when it comes to lead, whether it be complex or very simple. I'm a death metal player to (check out my recordings on my profile?) so it's been a big challenge to realize that my techniques only allow me to express ideas I couldn't before, but just sweeping all over the place and playing as fast and technical as I can 24/7 will not make an amazing song or solo.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck.

EDIT: I hope when you say "leave the scale" you don't mean "leave the position". The same notes repeat all over the fretboard, so if your playing in A minor (notes ABCDEFG) you can use those notes anywhere they are on the fretboard. Not sure what you meant though. Just trying to clear up any theory confusion you might have
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