"At this rate" has a sweet guitar groove, and "Monday" has a cool structure, I liked the chord sequence on the chorus; I don't like your vocal style however. The drumming is good, but the bass parts are uninteresting.

I hadn't noticed you were from the states, I was expecting brit-indie, which is why the vocals knocked me off I guess

Cool stuff, will you check out my band? Link in the sig.

PS: I also need to congratulate you on being one of the only non-metal bands in UG.
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Unfortunately, I really can't listen because Myspace music doesn't work on my computer D:

However, I can tell you that if you want to go anywhere with the band you'll need promos, a more professional layout, and LOTS more friends.

But if you don't mind me asking, what didn't you like about our vocal style?
i like at this rater, alot it reminds me of the band little kingdoms-tackling oliver. its a good one but the vocals are to nasily/ back of the throat kinda singing to go with the beautiful playing. go listen the band Rogue Wave, there influential to this sorta music.

(is it me or does monday have a break down in it?)
Monday definately has a breakdown influenced bridge. That's what you get for playing in a town that was ruled by grindcore bands for the better part of two years, haha.

And we'll be rerecording the vocals in At This Rate soon, so I'll keep that in mind! Thanks everybody