alright I'm confused is gay marriage legal or illegal or is only in some states Im not gay but its just always just intrigued me to be such an interesting topic
It's legal in some states.

For further homosexual banter, go to the "so lets talk about GAYS" thread.
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It's legal in some states.

For further homosexual banter, go to the "so lets talk about GAYS" thread.

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I'm writing my senior thesis on gay marriage in fact
Interesting stuff indeed...
Ha, TS is gay.
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gay people are ok..they are good for home value. your gay neighbors make the neighborhood look fabulous.
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Seeing as you live in California. (So do I).

Prop 8 passed and homosexual marriage is illegal. However couples can still have the same privileges as married couples, such as joint bank accounts, sharing house deeds, and etc. They just can't have a marriage certificate thats recognized by the state.
Gay Marriage is legal in Massachusetts and California (I think.)
There are a couple states that don't allow gay "marriage", but allow Civil Unions (Can you say "Separate but equal"?).
A bunch of other states don't allow residents to have civil unions or marriages, but will recognize civil unions or marriages made outside the state.
The remaining states are full of rednecks who will assault you if you have a lisp or wear pink shirts.
no clue, but I think gay guys shouldn't be able to get married, but I think lesbians should
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There are a few states that have gay marriage. The problem with that is that gay couples go to these states to get married, but when they return to their home state their marriage isn't recognised by the state.
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I am in california and i know that Proposition 8 was passed banning gay marriage, however there is a huge legal dispute going on right now and within the next few months the supreme court is going to rule on it to set it in stone.