I listen to all styles of music. I love them all, but I keep coming back to classical. I have decided to become a composer. I want to know what I can do to achive this. I know having a great understaning of theory, reading music ect. What else should I do?
Well you could always get a composition degree or more importantly start composing.
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Keep studying theory, analyse some songs (if you're writing classical, analyse some classical songs), learn classical melody writing, learn counterpoint (especially important if you're writing classical).

I've spoken to a few composers, alot of them only get discovered by chance. Just write alot of music and spread it in any way you can. A composition degree might help, as if a film producer wants a cheap classical composer he'd just ring up the local university/college.
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Write music every day.

The theory is good, and you should certainly try to be a sponge and soak up whatever knowledge you can. You'll certainly get a sense of many ways to write music from studying great works, and the methods behind them. However, the only way that you will get better at writing music is to be sure to sit down every day and write some. (It seems obvious, and that's because it is, but it must be said )
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Musical experience write, write, write.

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If you don't already, get a classical teacher because if you don't know how to play classical music then how will you be able to write (playable) classical music.

Also, lots of great composers had teacher specifically for composing, the best relative nowdays probably being a composing degree.