Well, I've been playing guitar for about 9 month now and I guess you could say I've been moving at a reasonable pace. I'm able to play any kind of chord, play a good amount of riffs, and stuff like that. At this point how can I become a better guitar player?

I've just been mainly learning new riffs and I dont know if this is helping me become better or not? Should I be learning the whole song or is it just your own preference?

Any tips / suggestions?
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I played only riffs and such, like you, for my first year. Then I learned entire songs. It will certainly help you to learn entire songs. You will notice a difference for the better over time. I am 100% self taught and for me it lead to me being able to play and write my own original songs. Learn as many songs as you can, all the way through. Practice them daily. I have multiple "set lists" that I practice daily. Constantly challenge yourself to learn songs that are harder than the ones you learned before. Practice as much as you can.
Learn techniques, alternate picking is a good one to start to learn
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exaclty, I have 5 years with classical guitar and 1 with electric. I know entire songs with solos such as Hallowed be thy name, The Trooper, Fade To Black, Crazy Train and now Iam learning Master of Puppets

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Rather than learning a whole bunch of different songs, I suggest learning different techniques and scales. Someone mentioned alternate picking, I would start with that and learn the minor pentatonic scale. It's great for improvisation (solos) and the alternate picking will greatly expand your skills and capacity to learn different songs.