Hey everyone I was just wanting some suggestions for a physically small amp that gets good metal tones and is around $250 or less.

Since I play mostly metal I'm looking for an amp that already has good distortion built into it and a 3 band eq. The amp doesn't need to be too loud since I'm not in a band or anything right now. I was thinking about the microcube before but it doesn't have a 3 band eq. I was also looking at the line 6 micro spider and the peavy vypyr 15 watt.

What do you think about the amps I'm looking at and do you have any suggestions because I'm willing to spend up to $250 and the amps I mentioned are under $200.
vypyr or cube
but the cube would have to be at least a 20
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roland cube 20x, you'd be suprised how heavy the tone can get. most people knock it because it doesn't have the r-fier setting like the 30x but i love the tones i can get out of mine.
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No SS practice amp does a good replication of a tube amp.
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do cubes do a good replication of a tube amp for metal?

Tube amps are not the be all and end all of amps. The cube would be a great choice.
Okay I think I might be going for the Cube 20x but do you guys have any more suggestions for amps that are physically smaller then the cube 20x? It'd be nice to be able to carry around the amp easier.
oh thanks for the warning, I looked up more about it and decided it wouldn't be that great for me.
okay so I've just been looking at all the modeling amps I can see and I saw the VOX VT15, but I don't see anyone playing it on youtube or anything. has anyone tried this amp?
The vypyr is the most impressive modeling amps yet. Especially the tube ones but that's not what you're asking for. I'd get a vypyr solid state.