Basically, say im sat down trying to learn a particular set of licks/riffs from a magazine or whatever, ill play it over and over at different tempos etc to try and learn it, however ill reach a point where i just cannot play it any more, like my fingers have given up.

So ill put the guitar down, and the next day ill pick it up, and i can play the piece great without any errors (more or less).

Do any of you get this, you play a song alot better the day after youve practised it? Its almost as if i would have been practising in my sleep, it always happens with every song.
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if you brutally practice something and just be like ">_> screw this", your muscles still remember the pattern/whatever they moved in (idk what it's called :P) but yeah
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Muscle memory - your muscles get used to performing certain movements. The more you repeat the movement the more used to it they get and the more easily they can do it. The bad news is they learn everything, the good and the bad.
basically your bady gets tired and you need to rest. the next day you are well rested and can play it well. it happens to me all the time. it can also happen in terms of forgetting something and remembering it the next day
I've just recently noticed that if you play at a fast (fast for you) speed, and your muscles know what to do, and starts to think too much about what you're playing the chance of screwing up gets many times bigger :P