I play everything really....

Influences range from dave m. to incubus to metallica to garth brooks to Still Remains and Underoath.

I have a ...waterlogged C-1 Classic . I am getting 800 for it from my apartment complex (pipe busted)

I want my next guitar to have decent all-around sound, But a nice crunchy grunge kind of distorted sound is prefered.

Guitars i have looked at :

Schecter Tempest Classic

Gibson LP BFG (loved it besides the unsanded body), but didnt have time to compare to other LPs.

PRS Customs (still deciding if its really paying for the paintjob or if it is really worth it)

I know this might be sort of broad. But any help is appreciated.

The competition is probably more in the Gibson/Schecter ballpark than the PRS.
Quote by tigerking615
What specifically did you not like about your C-1 Classic?

The fact that a pipe leaked all over it?
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I vote for the BFG. It's ugly ass hell, but it's one of my favorite Gibsons. The unfinished neck feels better than finished ones. It sounds simply awesome. The P-90 in the neck and the bridge pickup sounded good. The only thing I would change is the inlays and maybe another tone knob.
I loved my schecter.

And no - my apartment flooded. and it was in the water. Cracked down the entire neck, I just want something different.....try something else. I loved my C1 Classic but it didnt have a very crunchy sound when distorted

Maybe get a C1 again and try different pickups?
well do you like fenders? Because the minute i saw I play everything really, an HSS Strat came to mind
I like strats but not the look. Not a fan of pick guards

take the hss setup and sound......and help me find something?

It might be obvious what would be great but I am drawing blanks
The Gibson will serve you better now and mature a lot better than anything else. Nothing will match the sound of those P90's for the range of things you are playing.
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I am not very good at searching guitar sale sites.....or research.

So lets say i want the Gibson BFG.....without the unfinished/raw look........options?