so before I posted a thread asking if I should get a Ibanez RG370DX or a Jackson DK2 because I want to put a new Fernandes Sustainer Kit in it

here's the original thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1059595

So anyways, I went to my local Cashies and had a look at what they had and I found three guitars...

A Washburn Mercury, Original Floyd Rose, HSH config for $395AUD

A Squier Floyd Rose Series, Floyd Rose II, HSS config for $545AUD

Or a Freedom Guitar, Unknown Tremolo, HSS config for $295AUD

So, should I get one of these guitars, or should I get the Ibanez or Jackson, which are new but more expensive???

and if anyone knows what the model numbers are on the used guitars, if you could let me know.

and soz for the pic size =P
wow, i bet they where like "why the hell is that kid takin pics of our ****" lol. i wouldnt buy anything from a shop that has guitars with rusted strings and pitted trems on them. the least they could do is re-string them and cleanem up a bit. oh and one of my buddies just scored a LFR squire off craislist for 75.00 bux.
The Washburn is not a OFR. It only has a LFR. Also it's missing the 3 little blocks for the locking nut.

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I think you should consider the Jackson DK2S; it's a very nice guitar, and comes with a sustainiac sustainer system, LFR (which is superb quality, imo), HSS pickup config (SDs + sustainer in neck position).

Sustainer pickup has a lovely warm tone.

That would save you the hassle and money of installing the fernandes, and get you a guitar which is pretty much the DK2.
not to mention the allen heads are stripped out on everyone but the last one with no name.